DAIKO Compass

DAIKO - Reflector Compass


Reflector Binnacle Compassis installed upon the flying bridge deck and can be seen in the wheelhouse for both Standard compass and steering purposes.The binnacle has an optical equipment by which graduation of the card can be reflected on the lower part of the inner pipe. This avoids the bad effect due to other magnetic substances also saves the space in the steering room. By increasing the magnification on the reflected graduation using the built-in room lens, reflector compass surpass the conventional compass. DAIKO SR2-150PK comes with a under deck scope, with Light Dimmer to ensure high visibillity at all times.

Meets IMO standards with the certificate of Nippon Hakuyohin Kentei Kyokai (Japan Ship Equipment Inspection Organization).


DCL-190(R) or DCL-40

is an instrument used for measuring angles of slope (or tilt) or elevation of an object with respect to gravity's direction. It used aboard a ship to measure the list when loading cargo and fuel.

Aneroid barometer


An aneroid barometer is a device used to measure atmospheric pressure, which helps predict weather changes. It's crucial for ship navigation and safety. Unlike traditional barometers with liquid, an aneroid barometer uses a sealed metal chamber called an aneroid cell. When air pressure changes, the cell expands or contracts. This movement is connected to a pointer on a scale, indicating pressure in units like inches of mercury or millibars. Ship designers should know that aneroid barometers are important tools for vessels, giving real-time pressure info for weather-aware navigation. Regular calibration ensures accuracy.

Clear View Screen


Crisp Visibility: Navigate through any weather with a clear, sharp view.
No Blind Spots: Get a full picture with a 360-degree panorama for safer journeys.
Tough Against Elements: Stay on course even in rain, fog, or mist.
Easy Navigation: Effortlessly plan routes and avoid obstacles with precision.




Waterproofed Marine Binoculars
Nitrogen Filled
Clear in twilight 7x50ZCF
Bak4 Prisms
Rigid Metal-Alloyed Body
Field 100m/1000m 5.7deg.
Black Rubber-Armoured
Adjustable Eye-Cap
Body Weight 950g


Maritime Vessel Use: MULTI-COATED
7x50 ZCF Z-Type Center Focus
7x Magnification, 50mm Objective Lens Diameter
Field of View: 6.5 degrees
Field of Vision: 114m / 1,000m
Lens Coating: Multi-layer anti-reflective coating
Prism: Standard BK-7 for maritime use
Body Weight: 820g


8x Magnification, 32mm Objective Lens Diameter
Ideal for those who prefer a slightly smaller size (suitable for women)
Size: 11.3 x 17.7 x 5.8 cm
Weight: 830g



Electric Display System

Raising alerts, warnings and sending information to the shore and other ships. The electric display system is ideal for fixed installations on both sides of a ship to send information to nearby ships or to the shore. Displays are available in various languages with three selectable settings for brightness, scrolling and flashing speed. The clear, full-color screen conveys information accurately. Supports text display in Japanese, English, Korean, Chinese and Russian. Display format and text is controlled entirely from the PC used for editing without using a controller. The display is available in a range of sizes from 300 mm for small vessels up to 900 mm for larger ships.








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