Hand Guided Rollers

Hand Guided Rollers H550KS/H600KS/H650KS Super Low-noise model

KANTO Hand Guided Rollers


Product Features:

- Cylinder roller bearings are used on the vibration axle for improved durability
- No reduction gear on the travel device contributessignificantly oil leakage reduction
- Engine starts only when the forward and reverselevers are in neutral
- Emergency stop device is provided to protectoperators from getting caught at backward traveling
- “Hold to Run” safety system is provided for the model H600CE and H650CE.

Exen Products

EXEN stands as the forefront company in the field of vibrators, excelling not only in fulfilling core functions like performance, durability, efficiency, and adaptability, but also in catering to secondary aspects including user-friendliness, aesthetics, and uniqueness. Exen is at the forefront of perfecting concrete placement systems that align with the labor-saving needs of the current era.

HV Pendulous Internal Vibrator

Exen Products

Handy Held Vibrator

Exen Products

Concrete Cutter

Exen Concrete Cutter

Concrete Cutter ERC14DC

Semi-self-propelled concrete saw wet type
Safety designed according to safe standards set forth in relevant Japanese Industrial Standards. With high rigidity and low center of gravity, these products achieve excellent cutting.

KETT Products

Concrete and Mortar Moisture Tester

Concrete lays the groundwork for essential systems in the majority of contemporary construction endeavors. Recognizing the importance of precise moisture testing not only aids in more effective schedule coordination but also mitigates potential issues in the future. This significance is particularly heightened within the context of moisture testing for concrete.

Kett Concrete and Mortar Moisture Tester

KETT HI-520-2 concrete and mortar moisture tester

This utilizes a high-frequency capacitance method for measurement, allowing for easy moisture assessment by placing the moisture sensor against the target objects.

Torishima Products

Water Supply and Sewage Pump Projects

TORISHIMA Water Supply and Sewage Pump Projects

A well-organized system for providing clean water and treating sewage is a fundamental necessity in an advanced society. This need becomes even more critical with the rapid increase in population, making these initiatives a pivotal concern and driving the construction of new facilities. The choice falls on high-performance, long-lasting pumps, including those for long-distance potable water transmission, water supply, and raw water intake.

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