Abrasive Paper

KOVAX's strict quality control, well-organized manufacturing facilities, and advanced technical expertise ensure top-notch abrasive products for various industries, including automotive, woodworking, manufacturing, marine, and more.

Eagle Brand Waterpro of Abrasive Paper - SFCC, SFAC

KOVAX Abrasive Paper

Silicon Carbide Flexible Back


Primarily used in the auto repair industry and automobile assembly plants where a flexible back and high-quality finishes are required.

Eagle Brand Dry Rub Abrasive Paper - SLACM

KOVAX Abrasive Paper

Silicon Carbide Resin Bond


Suitable for the wood and furniture manufacturing industry, this tool is effective in stripping away old paint layers, achieving smooth product surfaces, and is compatible with both manual and mechanical (vibrator) applications in dry environments.

KOVAX Dry Sanding System for auto body shops

Change your business and work environment effectively and effciently with KOVAX dry sanging system!

The below photos demonstrate the recommended steps for processing your car body shop using the Kovax Dry Sanding System.

KOVAX Dry Sanding System Finish

We have various kinds of abreasive products. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

MEIJI Products

Spray Guns

Being Japan's most historic manufacturer of spray painting equipment, Meiji merges extensive expertise and cutting-edge technologies with rigorous quality control to create spray guns that deliver outstanding atomization and adhesion efficiency. These MEIJI spray guns, designed to be lightweight and well-balanced, prioritize both user-friendliness and eco-friendliness. With a comprehensive range of models, we cater to nearly every requirement.

Please also refer to MEIJI's official YouTube Channel below.

KETT Products

Coating Thickness Testers

The application has an extensive range of uses. It encompasses painting during the construction and upkeep of public steel infrastructure like bridges and high-pressure towers. Additionally, it extends to automotive finishing, ship painting, household appliances, outdoor signs, and switchboards. Alumite finds a significant market in plating, as well as wooden house hardware and hot dip galvanizing, among others.

Kett Dual-Type Coating Thickness Tester LZ-990 "ESCAL"

Dual-Type Coating Thickness Tester LZ-990 “ESCAL”

Product Features:

- Reasonably priced and small sensor integrated dual coating thickness tester - Features automatic basis material judgement
- Measurement range of 0 - 2000 µm
- 1000 data memories, statistical calculation function


Kett Dual-Type Coating Thickness Tester LZ-373

Dual-Type Coating Thickness Tester LZ-373

- Mid-class model of dual coating thickness tester - Electromagnetic and eddy current probes provided
- Measurement range Electromagnetic type: 0 - 2500 µm, Eddy current type: 0 - 1200 µm
- Records 39000 data sets, statistical calculation function

Kett Coating Thickness Tester L-500

Coating Thickness Tester L-500

Product Features:

- Flagship model of thickness tester with built-in printer
- Must be used with an optional probe (EP-100 electromagnetic probe or HP-100 eddy current probe)
- Measurement range of electromagnetic type: 0 - 2500 µm; eddy current type: 0 – 1,200 µm
- Records 24,000 data sets, statistical calculation function

KETT Products

Wood Moisture Tester

Kett Wood Moisture Tester HM-540


Product Features:
- Moisture tester for various kinds of wood
- Instant non-destructive measurement
- Easy operation by pressing the instrument to wood to measure

KETT Products

Paper Moisture Tester

Kett Paper Moisture Tester JK-300 Series

HK-300 Series (-1/-2/-3)

Product Features:

- Moisture tester for various kinds of wood
- Instant non-destructive measurement
- Easy operation by pressing the instrument to wood to measure

Exen Products

Air Knocker

This system is versatile and capable of producing effective results across various work scenarios. It excels particularly in handling fine powders like dust found in dust collectors, toner, flour, and even substances such as lithium-ion batteries that tend to stick. It's equally adept at managing materials that are sticky or adhere within hoppers, chutes, silos, and pipes. The micro vibrations generated by the air-vibration technology serve to decrease the air space between particles, compacting the material and thus making it more challenging to discharge. In contrast, the Knocker's impacts ensure successful discharge, even when dealing with fine particles or materials prone to sticking.

The mechanism of material flow problems caused by micro vibration.

Exen Air Knocker
OSW Hose Products

Industrial Hoses - Ohrdrufer SchlauchWeberei Eschbach

The pressure hoses cover a wide range of applications and include options such as the "Manure Hose", "Heat-resistant Hose", "Fabric Hose", "Hydraulic Hose", "Cable Protection Hose", "Industrial Hose", "Food Hose or Food-Safe Hose", "Pneumatic Hose", "Oil Hose", and "Drinking Water Hose". These hoses are available in various sizes, lengths, and specific designs. The available sizes encompass the a hose, b hose, c hose, and d hose. The quality of these hoses not only meets but also surpasses the most stringent requirements, as they exhibit resistance to fuels and chemicals. Furthermore, the hoses manufactured by Ohrdrufer Schlauchweberei maintain their pressure stability and weather resistance.

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