Portable Firefighting Pump

Tohatsu Pump is particularly renowned in the field of firefighting pumps, offering top-quality portable firefighting pumps. These pumps are widely utilized for firefighting services and emergency response during disasters, making them crucial products that require reliability and performance. Tohatsu provides an extensive selection of portable firefighting pumps to meet the needs of fire services worldwide. The key factors contributing to their success are their lightweight, compact design, and exceptional discharge capacity.



Automatic Relay Pump

4-stroke automatic relay pump. Unique, like no other. The world's first automatic relay pump.

Here's an instance of how the automatic relay operation works (No operator is needed at the relay pump). The relay pumping line equipped with VF63AS-R has the capacity to be extended without limits. Once water makes contact with the VF63AS-R, the engine and pump functions kick in automatically, eliminating the need for manual pump pressure operation. As soon as the water supply from the main pump ceases, the VF63AS-R also halts on its own. This system is under full automatic control, presenting a novel solution for tackling forest and wild land fires, as well as for carrying out long-distance water transfers.


Pump Accessories

OSW Firefighting Hose Products

Fire Fighting Hose

Both "fire hose" and "fire fighting hose" are terms that describe the same product from the well-known Thuringian hose factory – Ohrdrufer SchlauchWeberei Eschbach GmbH. These terms encompass all types of hoses used by fire departments in the event of a fire, including both suction hoses and pressure hoses.

In the manufacturing of modern fire hoses, various materials are utilized, including elastomers. The use of high-quality materials enables these fire hoses to be stored while wet, preventing damage and even rot. Furthermore, the suction hoses and pressure hoses for the fire department from Ohrdruf exhibit strong resistance to external factors like heat and chemicals.



KETT Products

Fire Fighting Clothing

Every day, the fire department handles a wide range of tasks. This includes responding to fires, accidents, and other operational areas. Their main focus is on saving lives, rescuing both people and animals, extinguishing fires, and preventing harm whenever possible. Often, the fire department faces incredibly challenging assignments, requiring top-notch technical gear and attire that not only provides protection but also enables them to move swiftly and securely during missions.

NOVOTEX-ISOMAT provides precisely the appropriate protective gear for fire departments, complemented by comprehensive service and the option for personalized customization.


Shigematsu Prodcuts

Protective Clothing

This equipment is designed for rescue missions, tasks involving high levels of radiant heat, and work conducted at the forefront of a furnace. Shigematsu Works Co., Ltd. is a leading company engaged in the manufacturing of occupational safety and health protective equipment and devices.


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