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KETT Products

Grain / Rice MoistureTester Riceter

fg500 series

Product Features:

- Easy-to-see display and easy-to-use main body
- Average moisture display
- Features automatic temperature correction and automatic grain temperature correction



KETT Products

Multiple Moisture Tester


Product Features:

- No preliminary sample treatment required
- Non-destructive measurement by only placing a sample
- Quick and Easy operation
- 25 calibration curves installed

KETT Products

Powder Whiteness Tester


Product features:

- Measures whiteness of powders
- Blue LED light source improves the heat stability and prolongs life
- Measurement can be started in approximately 20 seconds after the start-up and warm-up

KETT Products

Moisture Analyzers

Infrared Moisture Analyzer FD-660

Product features:

- Basic model emphasizing basic performance
- Minimum moisture content display 0.01%, weight display 5 mg
- Drift reduction using auto taring
- Two types of measurement modes: auto and timed




KETT Products

On-Line Grain Moisture Tester

PT-2700 (2751/2752)

Product features:

The PT-2700 can be mounted into a paddy dryer or measuring scale at a rice unloading station, enabling continuous moisture measurement. When mounted into a dryer, it is possible to automatically stop the dryer while taking moisture measurements.




KETT Products

Near Infrared Grain Tester


Product features:

- Measures moisture, protein and amylose content of unpolished and polished rice
- Optional part usage supports measuring high-moisture unpolished rice, wash-free rice and unpolished rice for sake
- Displays quality evaluation value of unpolished and polished rice




KETT Products

NIR Rice Composition Analyser


Product features:

- Measures moisture content and ingredients of unpolished and polished rice with non-destructive measurement
- Displays moisture, protein, amylose content and quality evaluation value




Food Qulaity Control & Development - Texture analyzer

TAKETOMO ELECTRIC has been a pioneer in producing analytical instruments and software designed to assess the texture of a wide range of food items. Their extensive experience in this field has led to the development of TEXTUROMETER® and TENSIPRESSER® My Boy System, two versatile texture analyzers that excel in conducting various texture tests and measuring the rheological attributes of diverse food products.

These analyzers have proven to yield results closely aligned with the outcomes of numerous sensory tests. As a result, they have become invaluable tools for both quality control and product innovation in the food industry.


Product features:

- Tensipresser can vertically compress and tensile samples using an accurate steppulse motor.
- The motor allows complex and programmable motions, such as constant or sigmoid velocity compressions and tensions.
- Distance resolution:0.001mm
- Compact in size. Total weight of driver and controller is 7kg.

“MyBoy2SYSTEM” visually analyzes the texture of rice: “softness, chewiness, stickiness”



Tensipresser© Lite

Product features:

- Easy operation, liquid crystal touch panel.
- It can be used without a personal computer, from setting, control, to analysis data out put.
- Accurate vertical movement by the adoption of step pulse motor.
- Distance resolution:0.001mm
- Compact in size. Total weight of driver and controller is 7kg.

Kyoritsu Chemical-Check Lab Products


PackTest® is the simplest water quality measurement device that anyone can use anywhere.

The PackTest® is a device in which reagents, specifically formulated for each measurement parameter, are enclosed in polyethylene tubes. During use, you simply pull out the line at the tip of the tube, draw a certain amount of the water to be measured using a syringe-like method. After a specified period, you compare the color of the liquid inside the tube that reacted with the standard color. The numerical value of the color closest to the standard color corresponds to the measurement value (mg/L) of the component you want to measure.


Bio Future



Increase in beneficial microorganisms and promotion of degradation of organic material can bring the following effects:
・Improvement of soil quality, increases root mass / helps plants grow bigger, better tasting crops, and less likely to wither.
・Increases harvesting period, increases number of harvest / harvest amount and longer shelf life after harvesting.
・Reduce the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides and increase sales prices as organic vegetables.



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