KOVAX is the leading manufacturer of Japanese coated abrasives since 1930. 

New Release

A pneumatic Tool - KOVAX Tolecutter KT-502 .


This is a new choice for paint dust removing and finishing. KOVAX Tolecutter KT-502 achieves not only extremely high-speed sanding, but also preventing deep scratches into the painted surface. Plus, it is easy to control especially the tip part so you can focus on the paint defect removal. It's going to be your sidekick for pinpoint sanding. The time it takes to do compound polishing and perfect finishing will be much shorter. Makes your jobs a little easier - KOVAX pneumatic tool, Tole cutter KT-502 with Tolecut sheet.  

"This is very suitable for removing dust on the top coat. Especially suitable for convex and concave surfaces. "

A wide variety of high quality abrasive paper options are available.

Strongly recommend you KOVAX Dry Sanding System for auto body shops from a long-term perspective.
The KOVAX's 4 benefits will change your business and work environment effectively and significantly for the better.

The below steps are our recommendation of processing by the using of Kovax Dry Sanding System for your reference.

Click here to download pdf file of "List of KOVAX Combination: Paper, Pad, Tool"

There are also various kinds of abreasive products. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us or consult with our local dealers in Vietnam.


MEIJI Air Compressor is a pioneer in the air technique field, and well known as a top-brand of air compressor and spray gun.

New Release

FINER-FORCE: "Beauty", "Usability", and "High Performance"